Welcome to Mrs. Melville's
2nd Grade Classroom!

September 8, 2009


Dear Parents and Students:


Welcome to my second grade classroom.  I am looking forward to having a great year.  If at anytime you have questions or concerns, please feel free to call the school and leave a message for me or drop an email to me at lmelville@swcrk.org.  I will get back with you as soon as possible.


Supplies     Here are the school supplies that I recommend for this second grade year.  Please put your name on all of your things before bringing them to school, except the classroom donations.         Backpack for everyday §         One nice heavy duty folder to store papers (not three-ring binders or “Trapper Keeper” systems; these are too large with our small desks).

§         A box of crayons

§         A box of markers

§         Red pens

§         Pencils

§         Erasers

§         Scissors

§         Three or four glue sticks (please only bring one to start)

§         A plastic pencil box or pencil bag, (please don’t buy a giant pencil box due to our small desks)

Optional Classroom Donations

§         Two boxes of facial tissue

§         A box of Ziploc-type sandwich bags

§         A box of Large Gallon size Ziploc-type bags

§         Clorox Wipes

Snacks     Around 10:25 AM every morning, we will have a snack time.  Students should bring a snack that is nutritional.  Pop and candy are not allowed. Only water is the only drink allowed in the classroom.

Classroom Management    To promote positive behavior in my classroom and in order to establish a suitable learning environment, rules and consequences must be put in place.  My rules are as follows:  students are to listen the first time; students are to raise their hands and wait to be called on; there will be no talking when someone else is speaking; toys may not be brought to class, and students will be expected to respect everything and everyone in the classroom. When my rules are broken certain consequences will follow. 

I will be using the stop light behavioral management system.  All students will start on the green light for go each day.  As needed the student’s clip will progress to the yellow light for a warning, and then to the red light which will result in a loss of privilege.  The following will take place.

1.       Individuals will be given a verbal warning.

2.       Next, a student will have to move his/her clip to the yellow which will serve as a visual for the individual warning.

3.       If another violation occurs, the student will then move his/her name clip to the red which will result in the loss of a privilege (five minutes or more depending on the issue of detention during lunch recess.) 

4.       If the child’s clip is moved again a behavior notice will be filled out and the child will be sent to see Mr. Gibbons. 

Positive behavior will be our goal and will be rewarded.  Compliments earned by the whole class will lead to special times known as the “Wheel of Fun” activities.  Wheel of Fun activities include free recesses, art projects, read-a-thons, etc.  Also “Caught Being Good” slips will be handed out with drawings every Friday for special incentives.

Weekly Newsletter    To help families stay informed I will send home a weekly newsletter.  These newsletters will be put together and sent home on the first day of each week, usually Monday.  If I am absent, the newsletter will be sent the next day that I return.  Please get in the habit of looking for these newsletters in order to stay informed.  It is my way of communicating with families.

Classroom Assignments       As learning takes place in my classroom and assignments are given, classroom time will be provided to complete each assignment.  At the end of the school day, the assignments that were not fully completed during the day may become homework.   

Work Folders      Work folders will be sent home on the first day of every week, usually Monday. These folders will contain my weekly newsletter as mentioned above, weekly spelling words, and any work from the previous week(s).  Please look over your child’s work and sign and date the enclosed sheet showing that you have received the work folder.  Send the folder back to school the very next day.

Citizenship    Your child’s behavior will be rated each month.  These citizenship marks will appear on your child’s report card each marking period.  Each child’s citizenship will be graded according to the following scale:

1= Outstanding- The student always demonstrates good citizenship and responsible behavior without being reminded.

2= Good- The student usually demonstrates good citizenship and responsible behavior.

3= Fair- The student requires frequent reminders from adults about appropriate behavior.

4= Poor- The student often disregards authority and rules; the student is frequently disruptive.

5= Unacceptable- The student lacks self-control; the student is not responsive to corrective measures.

All students earning 1’s and 2’s will be recognized at the end of the year at the Honors Assembly.

Math Facts          Your 2nd grade student will be taking math fact tests in my classroom.  Practice at home is always recommended as well as helpful and needed.  Please spend time weekly practicing math facts.  I will send a packet home with the tests that you can copy and use at home. I will work on these here at school as well. The 2nd grade expectations are as follows:


Skip Counting: by 2’s to 50, by 3’s to 30, by 5’s to 100, and by 10’s to 100

Addition: 94% on a 50 item test in 4 minutes.

Subtraction: 94% on a 50 item test in 4 minutes.

Reading          In order for your child to grow in reading, reading instruction will take place in the classroom everyday with instruction to improve your child’s reading strategies.  Reading should also take place at home.  Students will be expected to read during the week at home.  Reading logs will be sent home weekly and will count towards your child’s reading grade.  More information will be sent home soon.

Mrs. Melville’s Class Website         My classroom website can be found at http://lmelville2ndgrade.weebly.com .  Please put this in your “favorites” and check it often.  I will be posting my weekly newsletter on it each week.  Also I have listed many other important facts about our class.  Math website links are also available to help your child master his/her math facts.

I am looking forward to a great year and I am open to any questions or concerns that you may haveJ.  Please feel free to get in contact with me at school either by email or the telephone.  

Have a Great Year!
Your Partner in Education,

Mrs. Lori Melville                                 
989-271-8329                 810-591-1091                             lmelville@swcrk.org